You're in Good Company

  • “Their testers dig deep in their testing. Not only will they take a URL and test it for many days, but they have also found what other systems have not identified.”
    david levin
    David Levin
  • "We want to find the problems before someone else does so that we can help keep our customers secure.”
    jon green
    Jon Green
  • “Switching to Bugcrowd has improved our efficiency in handling issues and improved the quality of the reports”
    greg knaddison
    Greg Knaddison
  • “Utilizing Bugcrowd's researchers levels the playing field, and helps Pinterest find and fix vulnerabilities proactively instead of reactively.”
    paul moreno
    Paul Moreno

All Software has flaws

Spend less time looking for them and more time fixing them.
Powered by the crowd, we offer a complete range of security testing programs that get your company’s safety where it needs to be.


Best Researchers in The World

Our team is just as skilled and diverse as yours, specializing in different platforms, languages and apps. We’ve also curated a group of vetted Elite Researchers who have performed above and beyond, again and again. With such depth and breadth, we’ll make sure we match you with the best fit, guaranteed.


Why hire 1 Pen Tester when you can engage 50 and only pay for results?


Meet Crowdcontrol™

  • Collaborate with researchers
  • Track your vulnerabilities
  • Manage your team
  • Insightful reporting

Crowdcontrol is an enterprise ready vulnerability management platform that enables collaborative security testing. Easily receive and review vulnerability reports, then reward researchers for their effort. They spend their time finding bugs, so you can focus on fixing them.


Fits into your workflow.

Crowdcontrol connects your entire organization, from security to engineering and back. Align your security testing with your development cycle for continuous coverage. Integrate with your preferred issue tracking software and be alerted on vulnerability escalation.

Ready for Enterprise

We know that the needs of the enterprise are unique. Our flagship product, Crowdcontrol has evolved to meet those needs.
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enterprise ready enterprise ready enterprise ready
Team management

No company wants to manage their users in different applications.

  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • IP whitelisting
  • Role based access
Private Programs

Not everyone is ready for a public bug bounty program.

  • Private invites
  • Distribute test accounts
Elite Researchers

Our elite tier of researchers are amongst the best on the planet.

  • Background checked
  • Proven to perform
  • Highest trust level
World class Security

Crowdcontrol goes above and beyond to keep your vulnerability data safe.

  • 2 factor authentication (2FA)
  • End-to-end encrypted data
“In comparison to a traditional security program, crowdsourced security bug bounty provides a highly efficient, extremely cost effective way to get an ongoing security analysis of your site in a way that you just can’t get from nearly any other style of program.”

Greg Knaddison
Director of Engineering

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Getting Started

Your business is made up of many moving parts. Web, Mobile or IoT, we can produce real results. Our security testing lines up with your development cycle, whether you need one test, multiple tests or continuous testing.

Flex Program

Utilize our top researchers for a time-boxed, cost capped security test. Pick your team and pay for results not effort.

*A better Pen Test.

Continuous Flex

Continuous and managed security testing that snaps into your agile development cycle.

*Pen Tests in sync with your release cycle.

Bug Bounty

Strengthen your responsible disclosure program with cash incentives to find bigger, better bugs.

*A public bug bounty program.