Bounty programs are the most effective way to find vulnerabilities in your code, but they’re inherently inefficient as well.
Crowdcontrol was built to make this process more efficient.

Create your security program

You provide the details of the applications you’d like to protect. Whether it's through Responsible Disclosure, a Bug Bounty, or our new Flex Program, our crowd is ready to test at any time.

Testing begins

Your program goes live in Crowdcontrol and our researchers get to work, discovering and submitting vulnerability in your apps. Bugcrowd’s soft-start lets you start small and scale up your program at your own pace.

Manage vulnerabilities

Crowdcontrol is designed with one thing in mind: Making crowdsourced security efficient for companies and researcher alike. Confirmed vulnerabilities are pushed to your engineers for resolution and we provide a full audit trail.

Reward researchers

Reward with cash, swag, Bugcrowd Kudos points, or all of the above. Crowdcontrol handles shipping details, last mile payments, and paperwork. It’s one check to one vendor and we take care of the rest.

Track your progress

Now that you’re under way, volume and spend reports give you powerful insight and feedback for your appsec and engineering teams.

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Bugcrowd by The Numbers

315 Bounties
15,700 Researchers
36,050 Submissions