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Avira - Brief Update!

Please see the new submission guidelines!

Hello Everyone,

Avira has clarified some things they would like to see in a submission. Please see below for the major changes and check out the brief for more information.

  • All files which have been sent to Avira has to be in typical and common file formats. So video files should be sent as .mp4 or .avi format.
  • If it is recommended to send a 'Proof of concept' file, this file has to send as running version (compiled file) AND as the Source-code project. Please put this together in an archive like zip, rar or 7zip.
  • All vulnerabilities have to be described step by step. They have to be complete with detailed information. The way to reproduce it must work from the beginning.
  • We reserve the right to change the report to 'Not reproducible' in case the report needs to long to get all necessary information.


  • Bugcrowd Team