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Program Update (Reward Changes)

Reward Changes

Please note that as of December 9, 2016 the set of bugs eligible for bounty awards will be changing. Please read the updated program brief to see which classes of bugs qualify for awards. Valid bugs which are not specifically excluded by the program terms will continue to receive Kudos.

For more details, please see our blog post (below). If you are working on an issue that you are yet to submit, please do so on or before the 9th of December. All submissions will be eligible for reward if submitted before this date. If you haven't completely finalized the details of an issue, please submit what you do have. We will reward any non-duplicate submission that informs us of an actionable vulnerability.

As a creator of technologies and products that help businesses protect their resources and users, Barracuda Networks continuously focuses on improving the security of our products.

Blog Post: