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  • No collaboration

We no longer offer point rewards for submissions on this program. Please refer to our blog post: How Bugcrowd sees VDPs and points for more details.

Program stats

  • Vulnerabilities accepted 372
  • Validation within 3 days 75% of submissions are accepted or rejected within 3 days

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Please note: This program or engagement does not allow disclosure. You may not release information about vulnerabilities found in this program or engagement to the public.

Cengage looks forward to working with the security community to find vulnerabilities in order to keep our businesses and customers safe.

Program Rules

  • Please provide detailed reports with reproducible steps. If the report is not detailed enough to reproduce the issue, the issue may not be marked as triaged.
  • Submit one vulnerability per report, unless you need to chain vulnerabilities to provide impact.
  • When duplicates occur, we only triage the first report that was received (provided that it can be fully reproduced).
  • Multiple vulnerabilities caused by one underlying issue will be treated as one valid report.
  • Social engineering (e.g. phishing, vishing, smishing) is prohibited.
  • Make a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations, destruction of data, and interruption or degradation of our service. Only interact with accounts you own or with explicit permission of the account holder.

Program Restrictions

  • Security vulnerabilities in third-party products or websites that are not under Cengage’s direct control may not be accepted.
  • Automated scanning against the assets in-scope are not allowed at this time
  • While testing please use your bugcrowdninja.com email.
  • While running any scans append your bugcrowdninja.com email as an additional header in your requests.
  • Limit account creation to 2 accounts total for any testing.
  • Please restrict the amount of requests to a maximum of 20 per minute.
  • Stored XSS: While testing for S-XSS on posts/forms please be aware that these systems are production and visible by normal users. Please delete your PoC as soon as you have validated your finding and submitting your report. Additionally, for the alert payload please use the following language "This is only a test".


Program rules

This program follows Bugcrowd’s standard disclosure terms.

For any testing issues (such as broken credentials, inaccessible application, or Bugcrowd Ninja email problems), please email support@bugcrowd.com. We will address your issue as soon as possible.