Cisco Meraki

  • $100 – $10,000 per vulnerability
  • Partial safe harbor

Meraki Shipping Hardware!

Hey Everyone,

As a way to encourage activity on the program, as well as provide researchers with a greater opportunity to test Meraki product, Meraki is beginning a program to ship hardware to eligible researchers!

To be considered, all you need is to have earned at least 30 kudos points and one valid finding on the Meraki public bug bounty. There are other criteria that will need to be met before devices are shipped-- such as Meraki's ability to ship to your home country, and whether or not special taxed need to be paid for shipped devices.

If you have earned 30 kudos points on the Meraki program and would like to see if you can get some Hardware sent to you, please @mention @Alexander_Laliberte team within the submission. Meraki will work with you on the process from there.

Keep up the good work!