Host `docker` binary overwrite from Kata VM

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Summary by ajxchapman

Kata Containers, as used in the new BitBucket Pipelines CI/CD environment, was found to be vulnerable to an issue allowing Kata VMs to write to hostPath mount points which should have been read only. This issue was fixed in the Kata Containers project and assigned CVE-2020-28914.

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    Bitbucket Attack Scenarios listed below
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    Web App

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    Server-Side Injection > Remote Code Execution (RCE)
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    Hi Team,

    I have managed to overwrite the host docker binary (possibly /usr/bin/docker) from within a Kata VM. Unfortunately I had an error in my PoC which meant that I corrupted the original docker binary. I have since managed to replace the binary with a newer version of docker, so things in the Kata environment should continue to work (I hope).

    I will get a report written up today, but unfortunately I have to take a break for childcare right now. I just wanted to give you a heads up that any weirdness you see in the Kata environment is probably my fault.