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We no longer offer point rewards for submissions on this program. Please refer to our blog post: How Bugcrowd sees VDPs and points for more details.

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Born out of a love for cycling and a desire to bring about change, Gorillas is redefining an entire industry from the ground up. Until recently, groceries delivered to your door in minutes was a concept that was almost unimaginable. Today, our rider crew makes magic happen on the daily.

Our company recognizes the importance of security, privacy and community, and values the input of hackers acting in good-faith to help us maintain a high standard for our users. This includes encouraging responsible vulnerability research and the disclosure of security vulnerabilities.

Our vulnerability disclosure policy describes our expectations throughout this process, the channels we’ve created for hackers to communicate with us, and what you can expect from us in return.

Thank you for your interest in making the Internet safer!


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This program follows Bugcrowd’s standard disclosure terms.

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