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Utilize the collective creativity of tens of thousands of hackers to test your applications

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    Set Your Scope

    Decide what applications you want to test and how long to test them for. Run private programs for apps that are harder to access or public programs to test anything publicly accessible on the web.

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    Engage the Crowd

    Bugcrowd has the most diverse and capable crowd of security researchers in the world. The best talent can be assigned to your program based on the specific skills needed for your program targets.

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    Identify Bugs

    Your team is alerted when bugs are identified, and our platform Crowdcontrol™ ensures only valid and actionable findings are brought to your teams attention.

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    Reward Results

    Only pay for results and keep researchers motivated with cash. Bugcrowd gives you guidance on payouts and takes care of all the transactions.

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Crowdsourced security delivers results, fast.

In two weeks researchers typically find...

Total Vulnerabilities

The crowd is constantly active and isn't content with singular findings.

Unique Vulnerabilities

Crowdsourced security produces results that traditional testing misses.

Critical Vulnerabilities

High priority bugs are automatically escalated to your security response team.

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It produces better results than traditional testing.

Here’s how we compare:

Penetration Test

Typical penetration tests utilize the same methods, people and scanners every time your application is tested. And you are paying for a test that might not produce any results. With Bugcrowd, you only pay for validated vulnerabilities and you get the full range of skills and approaches of the crowd.

Automated Scanner

Automated security scanners are useful for finding typical and common vulnerabilities, but no scanner can replicate the power of human creativity. Bugcrowd puts elite talent on your team to find vulnerabilities in your applications that only a hacker’s mind can find.

Self-Run Program

Running your own bug bounty program is a costly effort, but also makes it hard to attract the right talent. Bugcrowd solves both of these problems by managing your program and getting our curated crowd of security researchers delivering results within days.