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Ibotta Adding Targets!

We hope your testing is going well. Here is an update that should make things a bit more interesting!

There have been some recent scope additions on the Ibotta program. We highly recommend you take a look at this additional attack surface – which hopefully means more vulnerabilities! Here is what’s new:

Name URL Description Change
Chrome Extension Beta Access Here Here is a User Guide The Ibotta team is looking for testing that ensures the pop-up interaction with their other product areas (such as the next item or loyalty card linking) is secure and would like to know about any sensitive data exposure. Added
Web v2 Access Here This is a refreshed web application for the Ibotta Team. Please note that there are some scope exclusions for this target: Access Token Exposure, the ability to scrape the site, and data flow to 3rd parties is intended and reports will be considered informational unless they are chained to create a larger vulnerability. Added

As always, please see the program brief for the full details around testing. If you have any questions, please reach out to support@bugcrowd.com.

Get out there and lay claim to those bugs!