• $250 – $25,000 per vulnerability
  • Up to $50,000 maximum reward

New Features & A Researcher Experience Survey [2min]

The Accellion Team would like to refine our program but need your feedback to understand what changes we can make to improve your research. Please take 2 minutes to complete this survey, all questions are optional so share whatever you feel is relevant.

Accellion Researcher Survey


New Features

Web Application

  • Mark accounts as external distribution lists: Mark email addresses as external distribution lists so that you can send files to recipients on those lists.

  • Multi-select folders on the Favorites page: On the Favorites page, you can select multiple folders to remove them from the favorites list.

  • Download folder activity: You can view and download folder and file activity to monitor actions such as when a folder is shared with others, or when a folder member uploads, downloads, sends, or deletes files from the folder. View all activities for a folder and its subfolders or filter the list to view a subset of activity. Once you find the results you want, download them to a CSV file for use in other applications.

  • View your recent sign in date and time: In the top right corner of the screen, you can see when you last signed into the Web Application. The most recent sign in date and time is listed next to your user account profile image.

  • Usability improvements: In the Details pane, the activities section now lists the 3 most recent activities that occurred. Because of this, the section heading was changed from "Activities in the last 15 days" to "Activities". On the Activities page, enhancements were made to better respond to user interaction with options on the page. Also, You can expand or collapse the list of recipients in an email message.


  • Upgraded the API framework level to API level 19.

  • This version introduces a major change to the ID's used for folders and files. These ID's have now been changed from numeric to UUID strings. To maintain backward compatibility, the API versions till 19, still support the numeric ids. Version 19 uses UUID by default and we plan to deprecate support for numeric File/Folder ID's in a future release. Its strongly recommended to move to version 19 and switch to UUID.