• $200 – $20,000 per vulnerability

Netflix Has Increased Their Payout Ranges!

Hello Netflix Researchers!

Thanks for all of your hard work thus far on the Netflix bug bounty program. To start off a great upcoming year, we wanted you to be the first to know that Netflix has increased all of their reward ranges, and now has a top end reward of $20,000!
Along with this new reward range, we also wanted to highlight some Netflix product areas that have interesting or new functionality but haven't received as many bug bounty submissions in the past:

  • Netflix gift card landing page [] (May be available only in certain geographical regions)
  • Revamped UI for Netflix help []
  • Multi device sign up - When a user begins the Netflix sign up process on a smart TV, giving them the ability to perform code-based sign up on a secondary device (smartphone or computer) to reduce friction.
  • Android native sign up - A completely native in-app Netflix sign up experience on Android devices. []
  • Onboarding flow - Revamped onboarding/setup flow once a new user signs up.

These areas will not have a separate reward range, but we do think there are potential opportunities in these lowly tapped scope areas.

Please reach out to with any questions, comments, or concerns, and happy hunting!