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This program is LIVE as of World Password Day, May 3, 2018. The challenges are available here:

Password Cracking Challenges

Our (1Password's) goals in offering these challenges is to gain a better sense of the resistance of various types of user Master Passwords to cracking if 1Password data is captured from a user's device.


Our use of Two Secret Key Derivation (2SKD) protects users from Master Password cracking attempts in the event that data is captured from our servers, but 2SKD does not offer that protection if data is captured from the user's own device. Thus the strength of user Master Passwords remains an important part of user security for 1Password.

We need to encourage users to use Master Passwords of which:

  1. people can remember
  2. people can reasonably enter on their devices
  3. are sufficiently strong

We are creating these challenges to help us better understand (3).

Challenges can't be too hard (or too easy):

We would love for people to use 1Password Master Passwords that are simply too hard to crack in the event that data is captured from their local devices. But if we present cracking challenges that are too hard to win, nobody will take the challenge. Instead, we are offering what we hope are winnable challenges with sufficient prizes that many of them will be won.

Let us emphasize this point for when results come in: These challenges are intended to be winnable. A success does not indicate any weakness in 1Password.

This means that the passwords we present here are weaker than we recommend as 1Password Master Passwords. The prizes we offer should be worth the effort that the participants need to put in.

At the same time we want the attempts to take some real effort so that we can get more data on that effort. In any cracking effort, there are some fixed costs of simply setting up the cracking run (preparing the data, configuring the software, etc), we want those costs to be dominated by the actual cracking.

How we help the participants:

Our interest is to understand cracking efforts in terms of the strength of a test Master Password under the assumption that an attacker fully knows the details of key derivation and password generation scheme. Therefore we try to provide everything a participant will need to know to set up their systems prior to the beginning of the competition. Thus we make available

  1. The source for the scripts used to generate the challenge passwords
  2. Sample challenges (some with "answers") published prior to the official challenge.
  3. The KDF we use for these challenges is stripped of many of the idiosyncracies of the 1Password KDF that are not relevant for the difficulty of cracking locally captured data.

Individual challenges will look something like this, but see the source for generating them and the sample docs for more detail.

    "id": "aXw39qx7a5kt",
    "hint": "3 words",
    "prf": "HMAC-SHA256",
    "rounds": 100000,
    "salt": "697c37f6ac7b6b992d12c8eab3269af6",
    "derived": "3e0f1903cc73b07a7070a661f8450d495cc99151ae67bcdf69a80d0391e7d62f"


To ensure fair handling of the contest itself and the award of payments, we are asking BugCrowd to administer this. This is a natural choice, as they both have the experience with delivering bounties, and have earned a reputation as a trusted party in dealing both with those offering bounties and those seeking them.


  • For the first person or team to crack a three word password, we offer 4096 USD. [this line and the associated, cracked hash will be updated when this objective has been completed]

  • For the second person or team to crack a different three word password, we offer 2048 USD. [this line and the associated, cracked hash will be updated when this objective has been completed]

  • For the third person or team to crack yet a different three word password, we offer 1024 USD. [this line and the associated, cracked hash will be updated when this objective has been completed]

If no correct submission has been submitted within one month, we may increase the prizes. However, such an increase and the timing of it (if it occurs) will be unpredictable. Do not delay a submission in the hope of an increased prize.


  1. No employee of AgileBits or BugCrowd can win.
  2. Social engineering, or gaining the solutions through penetration is not allowed. This is a cracking-only exercise.
  3. Participants may only use systems with the owner's permission. You may not steal computing resources in your cracking efforts.
  4. Winners must provide a write-up of what they did, with estimations of total cost to crack, guesses per second, and the systems used. The write-up need not be submitted at the same time as a successful crack, which only needs to include the ID of the particular challenge and the successful password. The detailed report can be uploaded after the fact, but must be received before a reward will be disbursed.
  5. If you've successfully cracked one of the passwords, please use the "submit report" button in the upper right corner, and provide the cracked password. All reports are timestamped, so the first valid submission will be the winner in this regard.
  6. Submissions must contain the ID of the specific item and include only a single candidate password for that item.

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Start of contest: World Password Day, May 3, 2018. 2018-05-03 16:00:00 +0000 UTC.

The challenge are available at:

Contest status

The challenges have been published and the race is on!

Last update: <!-- date -u "+%Y-%m-%d:%H:%M:%S UTC" --> 2018-05-03:17:12:23 UTC

ID Status Successful password Submission date By whom Place Write-up location
3UOKUEBO Sample governor washout beak N/A Sample 0th N/A
AJPYJUTN Sample glassy ubiquity absence N/A Sample 0th N/A
IV2DL67Q Sample splendor excel rarefy N/A Sample 0th N/A
NO4VRU4S Not found Nth
33YRS77A Not found Nth
J6J4QUWQ Not found Nth
SFELTO3W Not found Nth
DOHB6DC7 Not found Nth
2SB5OP3G Not found Nth
5BSLBTKR Not found Nth

The target will be finding passwords which generate the non-sample challenges in the file to be published as described in the brief. Nothing else is in scope. Social engineering, or gaining the solutions through penetration is not allowed. This is a cracking-only exercise.


This program follows Bugcrowd’s standard disclosure terms.

This program does not offer financial or point-based rewards for P5 — Informational findings. Learn more about Bugcrowd’s VRT.