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OWASP supports many volunteers efforts to produce security libraries which at the same time are used by many companies and developers, in order to secure their applications. This bounty program for CRSFGuard run by OWASP is to determine the protection level claimed by the library and verify that indeed the protected application is not vulnerable to CRSF attacks when using the library.


OWASP may provide rewards to eligible reporters of qualifying vulnerabilities.


The OWASP CSRFGuard library is integrated through the use of a JavaEE Filter and exposes various automated and manual ways to integrate per-session or pseudo-per-request tokens into HTML.

  • OWASP CSRFGuard implements a variant of the synchronizer token pattern to mitigate the risk of CSRF attacks. In order to implement this pattern, CSRFGuard must offer the capability to place the CSRF prevention token within the HTML produced by the protected web application. CSRFGuard 3 provides developers more fine grain control over the injection of the token. Developers can inject the token in their HTML using either dynamic JavaScript DOM manipulation or a JSP tag library. CSRFGuard no longer intercepts and modifies the HttpServletResponse object as was done in previous releases. The currently available token injection strategies are designed to make the integration of CSRFGuard more feasible and scalable within current enterprise web applications. Developers are encouraged to make use of both the JavaScript DOM Manipulation and the JSP tag library strategies for a complete token injection strategy. The JavaScript DOM Manipulation strategy is ideal as it is automated and requires minimal effort on behalf of the developer. In the event the JavaScript solution is insufficient within a particular application context, developers should leverage the JSP tag library. The purpose of this article is to describe the token injection strategies offered by OWASP CSRFGuard 3.

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