Connecting your teams and applications to the crowd


Attracting the Right Talent to Your Programs

Crowd Engine

Connecting you with the most qualified researchers that are best suited to test your applications. If activity drops, Crowdcontrol brings in a new batch of eyes.

Brandable Security Page

Every program comes with its own bounty brief. Set your scope, targets, exclusions, and reward range. Adjust or add info when needed.

Managed Transactions

Make sure researchers are paid out quickly and fairly. You are given market rate suggestions for vulnerabilities and we take care of all the transactions.

Giving Your Team Valid and Actionable Vulnerabilities

Complete Workflow

All vulnerability reports are tracked and viewable from when they are first received up until resolution. Notify your engineering team of what needs to be fixed by integrating with your favorite ticketing software.

Triage Engine & Bug Validation

All incoming submissions from researchers are monitored to make sure they are in scope, nonduplicates and appear valid. You are alerted when an identified bug needs your attention.

Vulnerability Inbox

Crowdcontrol makes it easy to respond and work with researchers. It’s a centralized place to receive and act upon valid vulnerabilities and communicate with researchers

All the Insights You Need to Be Successful

Visibility Over Activity

See who is actively submitting vulnerabilities into your program and at what rate they are coming in. Establish ongoing relationships with your top performers.

Time & Transaction History

Manage your spend by having complete visibility over all outgoing payments. Control your budget by running a capped cost program or keep your bounty program full and pay as your go.

Comprehensive Reporting

View key metrics of your program on an ongoing basis. What are your most common bug types? How critical are the majority of bugs found? We have the answers to take back to your development team.