Customer Experience and Resource Planning Applications

  • $300 – $5,000 per vulnerability
  • Partial safe harbor

This is the teaser page of a private program

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This program is a gateway into multiple different programs and will require signing of an NDA to join these programs.

Program #1: Our Customer Experience Management Platform helps companies engage their customers and brand in entirely new and efficient ways.

Program #2: Our Customer Experience Management Platform gives any business or corporation the tools for tracking all financial data for one or several companies, transactions, languages, and currencies.

Supporting evidence

Please provide any supporting evidence detailing your experience with testing web applications. Examples of such pieces of evidence could include a list of other such Bugcrowd programs you were successful on, any prior coordinated disclosure articles or work experience, etc.

Again, please note: acceptance into this program will require signing an NDA virtually through docusign.


Program #1: In scope, is our all-in-one web application that handles all of our different applications.

Program #2: In scope, is our general web target.