• $100 – $9,500 per vulnerability
  • Up to $7,000 maximum reward
  • Safe harbor

Increased Scope, Raised Payout, & Added a Bonus - Twilio

Hey Hunters,

We have raised payouts, added a bonus, along with increased a few items to our current scope within our program.

Momentum Bonus:
The more you submit, the more you earn! Between May 1,2021 to August 1,2021 if you submit 3 or more valid P1-P3 submissions within 1 month you would receive a bonus payout of 20% of total bounty paid for the 3 or more submissions

Scope Increases:
Primary Targets: (Twilio SDKs)
Authy Targets: (Authy ios app) - (Authy Android app) - (Authy Desktop app) - (Twilio Authy) - (Twilio Verify) - (Twilio Authy API) - (Twilio Authy Dashboard API)

Happy Hunting