• $120 – $5,000 per vulnerability
  • Up to $10,000 maximum reward

Updates to Upwork Targets: Vue.JS Migration

We have exciting news for Upwork!

  • What's Going On: We're migrating from Angular to Vue.js
  • How its Changing: This front end JS Library is being implemented for performance enhancement of our site
  • When it's happening: The migration is underway, and will continue in the coming weeks

Please help us keep our community safe by researching to ensure that our migration is successful.

Friendly reminder of our Momentum Bonus, the more you submit, the more you earn!

  • There is a 7-day sliding window where you can build momentum on your rewards for the Upwork program. Every accepted bug submitted during this window will earn you a 10% increase on your payout. For example, if you submit 3 bugs in one week the first pays 100%, the second pays 110%, the third pays 120%, etc. this scales to a maximum payout amount of 200% (double reward) the original value.

Happy Hunting!